Clipping Path

RPK Image Solutions provides affordable clipping path services to photographers, publishing houses, graphics design companies, web developers, Jewellery and catalog companies to help them transform their operations. It is a hard-edged vector marking technique used to separate the desired portion from rest of the image.

Clipping path is mainly used to remove image's background, allowing the usage of its key image for varied purposes. Clipping paths are created in graphics programs and exported with the image as an embedded path/alpha channel, for usage in desired layout application.

Simple Path

Removing unwanted backgrounds from your photos to leave nothing but your product. This option is suitable for simple objects on a clean and/or plain background.

Complex Path

Some images are harder to remove the things. Complex option is for images such as Complex objects, Non-wispy Hair removal and objects which are not clear.

Insane Path

Insane edit includes complex images which are not clear contrast between the object and working on group portraits.