Virtual Staging

RPK Virtual Home Staging is the game changing way to get the big impact of Home Staging without the time, cost and effort. It has been called the future of Real Estate photo marketing.

Is showing your listing the way it was meant to be seen important to you and your client?

How would it feel to be able to wave a magic wand and transform your listing marketing photos? What would they look like? What could they look like?

Our Certified Staging Expert does all the virtual heaving lifting and takes charge of design. No need to pick our furniture, or arrange movers. We do it all digitally. Let us work our magic. We'll transform your photos and deliver with 24 hours of turn around time.


Bedrooms look sterile and smaller than they are. Furniture helps buyers envision the size of the property and, more importantly, the lifestyle.

Living Room

Living Room is the most important room while you enter the house. We can frame by adding a Virtual Sofa and modern coffee table, TV with natural scenary.

Living & Dining

Living & Dining room will showcase how the space can be utilized for family or friends to gather and relax.


A clean Kitchen room can be designed with modular furniture which will impress the potential buyers.

Media Room

Media Room can be designed for the buyers to have an entertainment with a theatre effect.


For several buyers, the external beauty of a home is just as important as the interiors. This is why it is good idea to consider virtual staging for the exterior as well.

Office Room

Today, lots of people are working from home or at least want a dedicated space in which to manage household tasks like bills and homework. A home office is a big asset to a home on the market which will impress the buyers.